Emergency Tips for Unexpected Natural Disasters or Freaks of Nature

  • We hope that these emergency tips to be used in an emergency planning situation will help you and yours stay safe.

The aims of emergency planning are to prevent emergencies from occurring, and failing that, to develop a good action plan to mitigate the results and effects of any emergencies.

Doing some prep for your family for unexpected natural disasters or freaks of nature are essential if you live in a major country like the United States. As you will all be aware, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes are just the natural disasters that can occur due to the affects of nature.


Emergency Kit Supplies

Emergency Kit for 2 people:
Emergency Kits for 4 people:
Emergency Kit immediately available:

Emergency Tips

Prepare an Emergency Kit in Advance

You can purchase or make your own. Ideally you need 3 days of food and water; first aid kit; flashlight; crank radio. If you have an infant, pack extra formula, a bottle, extra diapers. Make sure you can easily get to it for example your garage or even outside in a safe place.

Talk to Your Kids and Family Members

Talk to your kids and family members about the plan, so that they are all aware. It may be that you are all at different locations when a major event occurs. So explain to them in advance what they may expect in a disaster or emergency and what they should do to stay safe where they are (i.e. drop to the floor and cover your head).

Arrange Meeting Spots

Determine a meeting spot that’s outside the house to meet and also, arrange a meeting spot that’s outside your immediate neighborhood incase you cant get back to the house or the house surroundings are not safe. Prominent objects are best for these so people remember but think about how secure they are in a natural disaster, riks of flooding, earthquake etc.

Other Info for Checklist

Share all of these plans with your nanny or caregiver.
Scan all your important documents.
Make any other preparations for a disaster (ie bolt furniture to wall to prepare for an earthquake).