Emergency Preparedness and How to Get Started Today

Emergency PreparednessPreparedness is defined as the quality or state of being prepared; especially a state of adequate preparation in case of war or more commonly a natural disaster. It outlines methods to prepare or make yourself ready to survive a natural disaster, reduce casualties and minimize loss of life.

Emergency Preparedness would relate to a state of emergency or possibly war and disaster preparedness would relate to a natural disaster. The act of Preparedness will follow similar lines but the extent of the isolation and being cut off from support might differ in the two scenarios.

Preparedness involves becoming ready so the best plan of action is to become Prepared for an event of short duration and when you become comfortable with that you can then extend the Preparedness for longer durations and more severe events.

As with everything in life practice is essential to master skills and Preparedness is all about mastering skills so the more you practice and prepare the better your skills will become and the better prepared you will be.

Having more basic survival skills experience will lessen the amount of stored emergency survival supplies you require but start preparing your supplies and learning your survival skills in parallel.